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Questions our clients often ask

We determine our rates based on various factors, including vehicle size, transport distance, vehicle condition, time of year, and the prevailing market price for the requested route. For a more accurate cost estimate, please complete the quote form on our homepage.
To ensure your vehicle is moved according to your preferred schedule, we advise you to schedule your move as early as possible. Typically, we can assign a truck to pick up your vehicle within 1 to 5 days from its availability date. If your vehicle is ready for immediate pickup, we’ll strive to schedule it as close to your preferred date as we can. Submitting transportation orders approximately 5 days before the available date is beneficial, though advance scheduling is not always mandatory.
To make a reservation, please provide the precise pick-up and delivery addresses, along with the names and phone numbers of individuals involved in the pick-up and delivery process. A deposit of 10-20% of your total tariff will be required at the time of booking. The remaining balance can be paid directly to the driver during pick-up or delivery, using cash, cashier’s check, or money order.
Certainly, the provided quote is all-inclusive, encompassing door-to-door service, comprehensive bumper-to-bumper insurance, payment for all taxes and tolls, as well as allowing for personal belongings weighing up to 100 lbs at no additional cost.
Several factors influence the cost of auto transport, including the distance of the route, the size and condition of the vehicle (whether it’s running or non-operable), the type of trailer used (open or enclosed), and the season. For instance, shipping a vehicle to Florida during the fall may result in higher costs due to the significant traffic caused by snowbirds migrating south to the state.
The primary factor influencing pick-up time is the location. In large metropolitan areas, your vehicle will typically be picked up on the requested date. However, occasional delays may arise due to weather, traffic, or road conditions. If your vehicle is located in a more rural area, it may take 2 or more days for pick-up to be arranged.
After confirming your dates with the assigned driver, you can anticipate your vehicle’s timely arrival. However, certain unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather conditions, unexpected truck breakdowns, or other force majeure events during transit might cause occasional delays. Typically, coast-to-coast shipping requires 7 to 10 days, while shipping between north and south takes approximately 5 to 7 days. For distances under 500 miles, once the vehicle is picked up, the auto transport should be completed within 2 or 3 days.
Sure. We offer open trailer transport and enclosed transport services.
Door-to-door service offers the convenience of vehicle pick-up from and delivery to any address, provided that the location is accessible for 18-wheelers, which often measure over 75 feet in length. In the event that the specified address is not suitable for the large truck, alternative arrangements can be made with the driver to meet at a nearby location with a spacious parking lot.

Certainly! UsCarMover guarantees that your vehicle will be delivered on the same truck it was loaded onto. The only circumstance in which another truck might be used is if the original truck encounters a breakdown during the transportation process. In such cases, UsCarMover will promptly find a replacement truck to ensure your vehicle reaches its destination on schedule.

Drivers typically load your vehicle in a location they deem secure and suitable. When it comes to loading vehicles, truckers must consider various factors. Ensuring that all cars fit properly to avoid exceeding the permitted truck length and adhering to federal laws to prevent any overweight on the axles are among the primary concerns for them.
The most widely used method for vehicle transport is open auto transport, accounting for approximately 90% of all transported vehicles. With $250,000 insurance coverage on the open transport, there is no need for concern about potential damages to your vehicle during transit. Compared to enclosed transportation, open transport is generally more cost-effective, saving clients around $300 to $400 on average. Enclosed transport is typically preferred by clients with exotic vehicles that require an extra level of protection. The higher insurance coverage for enclosed transport makes it a recommended option, especially for more expensive supercars.
Complimentary storage of personal belongings up to 100 lbs is allowed, provided they are securely placed in the trunk or back compartment of your vehicle. If you wish to transport more than 100 lbs of personal belongings, an additional fee will apply, and the items must be positioned below window level in either the front or back seat of the car. Please note that heavy items are not permitted, and the driver’s seat must always remain empty. It’s important to be aware that personal belongings inside your vehicle will not be covered by insurance during transportation.
The Department of Transportation strictly prohibits the transportation of household items within a vehicle while it is in transit. Any personal belongings left in the vehicle during transport are done so entirely at the owner’s risk. In the event that the driver observes excessive weight causing the vehicle to be overloaded upon arrival at the pick-up location, you may be asked to remove your belongings or face additional charges. It’s important to note that truck drivers bear no responsibility for damages that may occur due to household items kept inside your vehicle during transportation.
Certainly! We offer comprehensive bumper-to-bumper insurance coverage, ensuring your vehicle is protected for a minimum of $100,000 against any damage during open trailer transport and $250,000 during enclosed trailer transport. This inclusive coverage encompasses various incidents, such as minor scratches, total damage, theft, and fire, providing you with peace of mind throughout the transportation process. It’s important to note that while your vehicle is fully insured while on our trailer, any personal belongings kept inside your vehicle will not be covered by insurance.

In the event that you discover any damage to your vehicle upon receipt, it is crucial to promptly record it on the bill of lading. Following this, please contact UsCarMover to report the damage. Providing us with immediate awareness of any new damage is highly beneficial, as it enables us to address the issue swiftly and effectively. Ensure that the driver does not depart before you have documented the damage on the bill of lading and obtained the driver’s signature on it. Your timely action in reporting damages will facilitate a smoother resolution process.

To process your claim, we will request that you provide us with both the bills of lading and three estimates from a certified repair shop. We will then handle the arbitration process with our carrier to ensure a fair resolution.
For the pickup and delivery process, it is essential to have a representative present. This can be either yourself or someone authorized by you. The representative will be responsible for signing the Bill of Lading and observing our driver’s vehicle inspection. Once the inspection is concluded, and the Bill of Lading is signed, you are free to depart.
To initiate the transportation process, you only need to provide the keys to our driver. Your vehicle’s title and insurance documents are not required. All you need to do is sign off on the bill of lading, confirming that your vehicle has been picked up, and then our driver will proceed to transport it to its designated drop-off destination. It’s a hassle-free and straightforward process to get your vehicle on its way.
Indeed, it is crucial to note the exact condition of your vehicle at the time of placing your order. If your vehicle is not in an operable state, an additional inoperable fee of approximately $200 will be added to the transportation cost. To avoid any issues, please inform us ahead of time if your vehicle is inoperable, allowing us to assign the appropriate driver for the transportation of your vehicle. By providing this information in advance, we can ensure a smooth and efficient shipping process for your vehicle.