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Open Vehicle Transport 

Open Vehicle Transport

Open car transport is a process in which a car is transported from one country to another or from one place to another in an open truck or trailer. This method is very simple and effective. If you have inspection issues related to your car, you can also clarify the procedure of the enclosed method. The open carriage system has been around for centuries. This system was introduced in the 19th century. Earlier vehicles were transported by train or ship but now trucks or trailers are used for this purpose. This system became popular in the mid-19th century when international highways were built across North American states. During this time closed system of vehicles was also used. The closed car carrier method was used for luxury cars or specially designed cars. Open vehicle transport is generally used to ship vehicles of any size or range.

Brand-new Cars

These are cars that come straight from the factory and are taken to a car dealer for sale.
A person may buy a new car in another country either for personal reasons or as part of a transportation company. During its movement, it is wrapped with a cloth cover to protect the body and paintwork from damage. It also requires special care at the loading stage where professional instruments must be used so that no damages happen to cars.
Additionally, there are trucks for shipping cars from manufacturers to dealerships that come with special features to protect them from any damage. Also, some businesses let their customers personalize their brand-new cars by adding such things as special covers or protective coatings during transportation. Some also use tracking systems when they want to transport their brand-new cars so that clients can know exactly where their vehicle is at all times and when it will reach them.

They are mainly from the finest producers, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and their worth and perception are directly tied to the brand. That is why one should be careful with them so that they can get to their destination without losing any of their original characteristics and devalue for ROI purposes. The packaging employed for these branded vehicles has been customized in a manner that would retain their functionality as well as aesthetics. The shipping procedure involves temperature-controlled transport systems which ensure that there is no damage to the interiors of the car as well as electronics therein. Among the safety precautions taken during shipment include GPS tracking, security escorts, and secure parking areas among others. These branded automobile shippers engage trained personnel who are experienced in handling luxury motorcars carefully when getting them off-loaded or moving them around. Thus, delivery of branded vehicles primarily depends on price, attributes, and safety which differentiates it from other means of transportation.

Used Cars

These are cars which have been used by other people for a short time and are now being sold to other people. Extreme care is taken while transporting these vehicles so as not to damage them. To deliver second-hand cars, trucks or trailers can be used. If the trailers’ cars remain safe, they will not be spoiled during transportation. Thus, even while loading and unloading it should be done with enough attention so that not a penny of loss may come into play in this condition. Therefore shipping second-hand cars incorporates their documentation as well as legal procedures which ensure that we are protected and also make our life easier throughout the entire shipment process. The aspects like vehicle conditions on arrival have to be considered thus ensuring the fact that safety, legality, and security constitute among several vital factors concerning second-hand car relocation.

Rent-a-car/ Renting Cars/ Leasing Car Services

Car rentals, otherwise referred to as rental cars or rental vehicles are typically hired from car hire companies or agencies. This is where individuals borrow their cars temporarily for travelling purposes or specific reasons. The availability of car rentals depends on a daily weekly monthly basis of rental charges that differ with vehicle make size and company policies of rent. In most cases, reservations for hiring a car can be made online through the Internet, by making telephone calls, or in person at the agency offices involved in renting services. There are times when one must produce driving credentials and also pay some cash before being allowed to enjoy benefits from hiring vehicles. Many types of people such as commuters, people without permanent means of transport today, and individuals whose private vehicles have been taken for repairs find these motorcars useful to them.

Merchandise Inventory

Generally, the term is used by car dealerships to mean shipment of products. These cars are often transported in groups rather than individually for cheap and efficient transportation such as by inexpensive trucks. Dealership inventories are shipped through a transporter truck. These are trailers carrying more than one vehicle at once. So as not to be destroyed during the main transportation, these leading cars are normally protected well enough. Carriers have been hired out by logistics providers for that purpose. The companies will collect the vehicles from car lots and ensure they safely reach their point of destination. Scheduling, routing, and coordinating are necessary as well. Some corporations have stock monitoring systems that enable them to see what goes into and comes out of their stores in real time. Many dealerships opt for insurance coverage to avoid losses brought about by unforeseen incidents like accidents or any other cause whatsoever.

Benefits of Transporting Vehicles in an Open Vehicle

  1. When many automobiles may be carried in a single truck, the cost per vehicle is lower for open vehicle transportation than for container shipping.
  2. With the abundance of open auto transport options accessible, moving your car fast is made simple.
  3. Since open transport offers real-time vehicle viewing, you can keep an eye on your car while it’s being driven.
  4. Because the shipping method is more efficient, transporting many automobiles at once saves time and resources.
  5. Cars are simple to load and unload, much like transportation.

Open Vehicle Transport's Drawbacks

  1. Open cars are vulnerable to the elements including heat, cold, and rain, which can harm both the outside and inside of them.
  2. Compared to closed transport, when vehicles are housed in enclosed containers, open automobiles may be more inclined to damage or theft.
  3. Open transport vehicles are closer together than those in closed transport, which increases the likelihood of a breakdown.
  4. Compared to enclosed transportation, where automobiles are more secure, open cars offer less security.


An essential way of moving automobiles that is also advantageous for large-scale transportation is open-air vehicle transit. This technique enables the safe and effective long-distance transportation of non-luxury automobiles, even in the face of possible obstacles like weather and road debris. It is especially advantageous for dealerships, auctions, and OEMs.